Though I was born Canadian, I have come to recognize myself as a global citizen who thrives off being able to challenge  world view and embrace foreign cultures. After having spent 4 years in Indonesia and 3 years in Tanzania during my youth, it was no surprise that I learned to cultivate a love for the world of development. Since returning to Canada I became the Vice President of Corporate Relations with AIESEC Carleton. Within this chapter of the world’s largest student-run organization, I was responsible bringing interns from abroad to work for companies and even NGO’s in Canada’s capital. Since my time of cultivating a love for Development Theater in Tanzania, I continually maintain a commitment to seeking new platforms in which I can empower others. Moreover, in the spirit of understanding the policy that informs development, I have also kept a firm commitment to Model United Nations and have frequented many international conferences over the years. Yet coming into Recrear –Apply! I hope to bring together a dynamic and nurturing workshop for the students of An-Najah University.

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