I believe that intercultural communication is a powerful tool for addressing development challenges. My experience in life has been motivate by a sincere curiosity in exploring different cultures and stories.

It is this curiosity that has pushed me to make the most out of my experience as a student. I grew up in a small town in Italy for most of my life and I always tried to grasp all the opportunities to study abroad. During my undergraduate at the University of New Orleans, I travelled the world and studied conflict resolution on board of the Scholar Ship. The four month trip was a true intercultural communication ‘experiment’ and it profoundly impacted my view of the world.

After that powerful journey, I received a grant to study and work in Germany for a year. Also in 2009, I spent a month in Nablus delivering a ‘Cultural Dialogue’ workshop with Project Hope. Following the project, I took part in co-founding Recrear with the idea of establishing a platform to facilitate students and young professionals’ access a platform to experiment innovative developmental approaches and launch their own initiatives.

I hold a BA in International Studies with focus on Diplomacy from the University of New Orleans and I am currently pursuing a MPhil in Development Studies at Cambridge University.


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