My name is Komal Minhas, I’m a triple major in Journalism, Economics and Human Rights at Carleton University and I have an intense passion for helping others understand their true potential.

Since starting university, I’ve acted as co-ordinator for the South Asian Alliance Dance Team, fundraising $10 000 and leading over 30 dancers to a province-wide competition in Toronto.  I’ve co-chaired the inaugural Carleton University Relay for Life where we led an organizing committee of over 25 people and raised over $48 000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  I am also part of AIESEC Carleton – the largest student-run organization in the world.  We help students explore and develop their leadership potential and provide our members with global internships to over 108 different countries.

Most recently, I took a risk and helped start an NGO (Recrear) with 16 others in Berlin, Germany in August 2010…. and now, here I am in Palestine.

I love helping others realize their true potential.  I have watched members of my teams grow and inspire change in the people around them.  I have seen students who are terrified of public speaking transform into individuals who lead sessions with 50+ individuals.  This potential for growth is within each of us. We simply must believe in ourselves and harness the power we have within.

I hope I can help students at al-Najah harness this power.

The power of education is immeasurable and every student must develop a fierce belief that they are capable of achieving anything.

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