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Dear all,

I hope you enjoyed today’s session and you are feeling prepared for tomorrow’s presentation.

If you are interested in attending a program at the University of Cambridge (UK), here are some interesting scholarships you should consider applying for.

To read about the scholarships available in Cambridge, plase visit:

I would particularly draw your attention to the IDB Cambridge Scholarships for PhD, where a separate application should be made to the Islamic Development Bank, and the Said Foundation Cambridge Scholarships for one-year postgraduate study.

Here is a list of other scholarships available in Cambridge that are specific for PhDs:

I hope this helps. If you have questions, please ask!


The Team may have been in Jerusalem for the day, but that hasn’t meant that we have stopped thinking about how to help the Al-Najah students as they prepare their resumes, cover letters, and INTERVIEW SKILLS!  Check out this link that was posted today on as it reiterates a lot of what KM’s presentation mentioned yesterday on how to “be a shining star” during your interview.


CNN: Don’t Botch Your Interview

CNN: 7 Things Not To Say In An Interview

I’ve had a great time instructing the sessions at Al-Najah. I really would do this for a living; and maybe someday I will. But for now, my regular life calls me to London, and that is where you will be able to find me from tonight.

I feel like I’ve had a largely positive impact and reception at the university. I don’t think that people were shy to ask me questions, even if they weren’t comfortable with the English language. It would have been great to stick around and develop my relationships with the students to an even greater extent. Alas, it was not to be.

However, the new addition to the team, K (yet another one). . . . is someone that all the students will instantly take to. Our flights miss each other by just 15 minutes and, in all probability, we’ll both be on the same tarmac in Tel-Aviv as her flight lands and mine prepares to take off.

As I mentioned to the team last night, when I joined Recrear at the Berlin Conference 5 months ago, I would never have imagined having a few drinks in Jerusalem after having successfully completed Part 1 of Recrear-Apply, with people who were only recently strangers to me.

This good fortune is owed in large part to K, and her insistence that I visit her in Berlin at this conference which, I will admit, I knew nothing about when I landed in Germany.

Although it goes without saying, I would like to ask, that if you are an Al-Najah student reading this then please extend to her, as you have to us, the warmest possible welcome.

K, if you are reading this, bonne chance! And, juste leblanc. 😀