Recrear believes above all in the potential of young minds. Our aim is to enable inspired youth to create and carry out their own projects in the field of international development. Recrear is committed to positive global change by providing the necessary guidance for worldwide activists to generate socially beneficial micro-projects. Recrear’s projects are developed and run by young people for young people to promote human rights and cultural and ethical values. Recrear was launched in August 2010 out of Recrear.beta as an international non-profit organization. To read more about Recrear visit

Recrear – Apply!

Studying and living abroad is a powerful and enriching experience. Total immersion into a foreign culture helps to expand one’s intellectual horizons and contributes to personal progression and growth. An experience abroad can help students master the English language, acquire important skills for their career and provide a different perspective to observe the world and one’s own culture and society.

Recrear- Apply! Aims to provide training and assistance to Palestinian university students to allow and encourage them to apply to study or get training abroad and to empower themselves as leaders.

The two weeks workshop will aim to assist students to:

  • Utilize online research tools effectively;
  • Write their English resume/C.V.;
  • Prepare for international job/admissions interviews;
  • Write international applications;
  • Write essays for scholarship applications;
  • Develop concepts for local development projects;
  • Find means of creative expression through theatre and poetry

Moreover, the workshop will provide:

  • Tips about coping with cultural differences and studying abroad;
  • Introduction/Presentation of partner universities and academic offers (Carleton University, University of New Orleans, Alice Salomon University).
  • The workshop will include tips on how to be successful applicants in English speaking universities in the Americas and Europe in all fields of study.

Recrear  collaborates with a number of universities worldwide that would support the project by providing material and tips on how to apply to academic and professional programs worldwide.

Local Partner

  • Al-Najah National University, Nablus, West Bank

Workshop Follow Up and Sustainability

Recrear’s staff will remain committed to assisting students with their application for entrance in the fall of 2011 until March 31st 2011. The assistance will be carried out through email and Skype. In addition, during the workshop a blog will be set up to discuss topics of interest and publish opportunities specific for Palestinian students to be updated by the Recrear’ s staff and fellow students attending Recrear – Apply!

Recrear is also committed to further supporting our local partners to develop potential partnerships with universities abroad and develop academic exchanges between students in order to learn languages and cultures.