So our time here has come to an end and the closing ceremony last night was a powerful one. Between delivering our attempted speech in Arabic, then English, attending the global village, playing volleyball with the students, doing our first ever radio interview and then eventually leaving Nablus, it’s difficult to process that our time here is finished. Yet even though it went by in the blink of an eye, the memories made here will certainly last a life time. As Gioel would say, I’ve taken a ‘mental picture’ and they will stay with me always. In this picture I see a unique landscape, an intricate history and a people who embrace their identity without question. This picture of Palestine and the lovely students of An-Najah I can share with everyone.

To everyone I’ve met during my time here, thank you for the experience. You have shown me genuine warmth that feels like seeing an old friend. Not only the students, but the wonderful volunteers who without this workshop wouldn’t have been possible.

All I could ask of the students is to find their drive and allow that ‘why’ to guide them through everything they may face. Having a Palestinian identity may present its challenges but always know that this identity is not a limitation but an advantage.

Finally, I have to thank my fellow Recrear colleagues. Sharing this experience with you all has been a part of the reason why it has been so wonderful. No matter what, I know each of you will be a constant in my life for my foreseeable future, and knowing this makes me smile from inside out.

Ana ohiboukum!

Being here has inspired a multitude of possibilities for future projects here. The future is incredibly exciting, and expect that Recrear will be back in Palestine sooner than you think! To the students: keep pushing boundaries because when I come back I want to hear all about it.

Take care!